Samoa - Bluewater

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Samoa is an untouched jewel of the Pacific. Here's the chance to enjoy world class game and sport fishing whilst soaking up the fantastic polynesian culture.

The Samoan Islands provide the sandy beaches, swaying palms and coral atolls that create the idillic vision of what the Pacific can offer.

Then there's the fishing. Join the crew from Fish Samoa on board MV Pure Indulgence, a 35" Bertram specifically designed to explore the untouched waters of the area and equipped with the best Shimano rods and reels available. Her long range capacity not only provides access to the close in grounds but to areas where the fish won't have seen a game boat before, let alone a spread of irristable lures.

Target species include both black and blue marlin, sailfish, big yellowfin, angry dogtooth tuna, monster GT, speeding wahoo, mahi mahi, spanish mackeral as well as an array of brutal reef dwellers.

We can organise either live aboard options or house you in one of the beautiful resorts if you'd prefer a land based option.

World class diving and snorkelling is also available if you can somehow pull yourself away from the fishing.

The only certainty is that the full fishing potential of the area is yet to be realised and a few days on Pure Indulgence could turn up a huge variety of BIG fish.